2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

In this engaging presentation, Ryan will focus on addressing the challenges in the production of plant-based analogs for meat and fish. One of the primary concerns in this field is achieving increased efficiency at lower costs while maintaining the desired texture of the final product.

In this session, KROHNE, a leading provider of process measurement technology, will present a groundbreaking methodology for weighing and qualifying soy, wheat, lupine, and other plant-based slurries in real-time and inline. This innovative approach allows for the transformation of existing pilot or small-scale operations, which typically rely on step-by-step batch quantities, into continuous inline blending processes. By eliminating process interrupts, producers can unlock the potential to scale up production and optimize efficiency.

Furthermore, KROHNE's methodology enables the tightening of production tolerances by ensuring the highest level of repeatability, even under challenging conditions such as the presence of fibers, solids, or air entrainment in the slurry, dough, or mash. This is particularly advantageous as these components are often the costliest ingredients in plant-based meat and fish analogues.

Attendees of this session will gain valuable insights into how producers of plant-based meat and fish analogs can leverage KROHNE's methodology to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain the desired texture of their products. Whether you are a producer, researcher, or industry professional, you will learn about the latest advancements in process measurement technology and its application in the plant-based analogs industry. Don't miss out on discovering how KROHNE's innovative solutions can revolutionize your production processes.

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