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Regulatory state of the nation - what's new in the EU?

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October 24, 2024
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About the Session

EU regulations aim to balance innovation with consumer safety. While delays and costs can be drawbacks, the focus on safety is a key consideration for the food industry. However, the current regulations might not be fully adapted to emerging technologies like cultivated meat, requiring case-by-case assessments which can further delay approvals. Also, the ambiguity of the regulations in some areas can create uncertainty for companies unsure of how their specific novel food will be classified and what data is required. That said, the EU is constantly evaluating and updating its novel food regulations, so what is the possibility of streamlining the process for certain categories of novel foods or adapting regulations to emerging technologies? This presentation will provide a technical deep dive, analyzing recent updates relevant to novel foods, including potential implications for cultivated meat applications. It will dissect the latest EU regulations and their impact on various production methods (cultivated meat, plant-based, fermentation), so you will take away practical strategies to navigate the current framework and ensure compliance for a smooth path to market.

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