2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

This presentation by Aleph Farms' Liron Gal will delve into alternative approaches for achieving large-scale production. It challenges the initial industry focus on high capital expenditure (CAPEX) models that involve building dedicated bioprinting and bioreactor facilities. Aleph Farms proposes an 'asset-light' strategy for cultivated meat production, an approach that prioritizes operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness through strategic partnerships and third-party manufacturing. Examples include its recent deals in Israel and Singapore, where existing infrastructure is leveraged to produce cultivated meat locally, in doing so minimizing upfront investments in bioreactors, growth media, and production lines, enabling faster geographic expansion without significant capital burdens. The presentation will explore the technical aspects of integrating cultivated meat production into established manufacturing facilities, such as analyzing compatibility between existing sterilization protocols and cellular agriculture processes. Additionally, it will focus on the potential modifications to existing bioreactors or the development of modular bioprinting units suitable for existing production lines. By focusing on such technical considerations, the presentation aims to demonstrate the feasibility and cost benefits of the asset-light approach for industry stakeholders. Furthermore, Laron will address the challenges of scaling up cell culture media production and ensuring consistent quality control across geographically distributed production sites. This would be of particular interest to B2B audiences considering partnerships or contract manufacturing arrangements for cultivated meat products.

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