Insect-derived Protein

Insect farming: a scalable solution to nourish the world without consuming the planet

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About the Session

By 2050, with 9 billion mouths to feed, we will need to increase our protein production by 70% with only 5% extra arable land. And as the no.1 contributor to biodiversity collapse and no.2 cause of climate change, the need to make our food systems more sustainable is greater than ever. A sustainable, healthy, and scalable solution? The mealworm! I will explain how Ynsect is aligning ecology with economy through its yellow and lesser mealworm vertical farms – powered by 341 patents and $425M USD of investment – by using 98% less land and 45% fewer resources than traditional livestock farming. With the world’s biggest vertical farm undergoing construction in the north of France and more locations in the pipeline, we are scaling our mission to put the insect back where it belongs: at the base of the food chain.

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The Future of Protein Production Summit !

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21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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