Plant-Based Proteins

The protein transition: Opportunities and challenges in plant-based foods

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About the Session

Nobody  can deny that the protein transition is on its way. The protein transition is  the shift away from the consumption of animal proteins towards vegetable and  new protein sources. Proteins form the building blocks of life on earth. Both  the quantity and quality of food are critical for the health of humans and  animals. At the moment, a considerable portion of our protein is consumed  through animal products. This presentation will explain the reasons why the  protein transition is so important and will give a small overview in trends  on alternative protein sources to animal one. As the food industry looks to  utilize new sources of proteins, an understanding of ingredient properties  and how they function within food matrices is very crucial. Trends in the  market and opportunities and challenges in plant-based foods will be  highlighted, with examples on ongoing research. The consumer is not only  looking for plant-based foods with good taste and texture, but also with good  nutritional value and the least ingredients possible or ingredients they are  unfamiliar with.

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