Cellular Agriculture

The role of cultivated meat in building a sustainable and resilient food system

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About the Session

Today, policymakers, educators, food suppliers, and consumers are at a crossroads, in need of an inclusive solution that will unite and drive the world towards a more sustainable meat ecosystem. The solution must reflect the complexity of the problem and involve multiple strategies working in concert with education and policy: 1) responsible meat consumption and the adoption of sustainable and healthy diets, 2) sustainable agriculture practices incorporating incremental innovation to increase efficiency, and 3) transformational innovation that can complement sustainable agriculture practices to meet the growing demand for food. Lee Recht, PhD will discuss the system-based approach of Aleph Farms as well as the role of cultivated meat in the inclusive solution for the meat sector. She will also share updates on the company’s roadmap towards achieving net zero goals, including an MoU the company has signed with ENGIE, the world’s largest renewable energy provider.

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