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Who are the mainstream consumers of alt proteins going to be and why

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About the Session

  • In the rapidly growing     space of alternative proteins, while businesses have some understanding of     the early adopters, the real question that remains is who the mass market     consumers are and how best to connect with them.
        In this insight-packed presentation, Kishan will share the findings from      Spoonshot's AI, #foodbrain, about the key consumer segments that     need to be won over for this category to realise its potential and deliver     on the promise of sustainability.
        After this presentation, you will understand:
        1. Who the most likely mainstream audience(s) are for alt proteins
        2. What their motivations are
        3. How best to appeal to them
        This intelligence will be built by analysing over 28K diverse external     data sets and uncovering relevant connections using the domain knowledge     of food science and culture. 

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