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MOA FoodTech relies on biotechnology, particularly biomass fermentation, and artificial intelligence, of our own creation, to develop and optimize new processes for the valorisation of food by-products. Using one or several microorganisms available in our own microbial library, we ferment them to obtain microbial biomass, which can be marketed directly or transformed through certain processes developed by MOA to improve their technological properties. We are creating a global, disruptive, and sustainable solution: a high-value protein from by-product fermentation optimized with artificial intelligence. The ingredients that we obtain have high nutritional value, high protein and fibre concentration, vitamins of group B and omega fatty acids. On the other hand, due to its nature our final ingredient, the yeast, has a pleasant umami taste that can be used as a flavour enhancer and/or flavour masker. Lastly, the ingredients have great solubility, emulsion capacity, gelling capacity, water and oil retention capacity. All the above mentioned makes MOA ingredient a great candidate to use in savoury products as a nutritious ingredient, flavour enhancer and functional ingredient. Related to the legal requirements. MOA ingredient is not a novel food, is GRAS, and it is not a GMO. The legal denomination of our ingredient is yeast. Although the industry talks about alternative proteins, we consider our product to be a next-generation protein: Firstly, for its nutritional qualities, which include a good essential amino acid profile, good digestibility, and absence of allergenic potential. Secondly, for its versatility, as the process can be modified to offer tailor-made technological properties. And finally, for its impact on sustainability, with the potential to replace the use of animal proteins.


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