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CULT Food Science Corp is expanding its pet-food division

CULT Food Science Corp is expanding its pet-food division

April 5, 2023

CULT Food Science Corp, a company involved in the investment, development, and commercialization of cell ag technologies and products, is expanding its pet food division through the launch of three new consumer brands.

The new brands will include cultivated ingredients in partnership with the company's portfolio companies, aiming to be one of the first mover in making cultured meat available for pets in North America.

Using cell-based technologies to enable nutrient dense protein for our pets, without harming other animals, is an innovative approach for the pet food market. CULT Food Science is launching these brands to be on the leading edge of the shift toward ethical, sustainable-meat consumption for pets.

"These new brands and products are focused on providing better food options for our pets. High-quality inputs for pet foods can be hard to achieve using traditional sources such as '4D' meats," commented Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT. "But cell-based ingredients can provide the potential for healthier and safer options for the pets we love. I am excited to launch these brands to further accelerate our mission of making cell-based foods part of everyday life."

Noochies! (formerly Because Animals brand) is one of the new brands. It uses a patented, cell-cultured nutritional yeast called Bmmune to make premium cat and dog foods with comparable nutrient specifications to beef or lamb. Bmmune is a high protein, all-natural blend that contains all 10 amino acids.

The product line includes high nutrition supplements, single ingredient treats, and complete nutrition foods that are made with a patented blend of cell-cultured nutritional yeast and fermented proteins. The brand also includes a high protein, umami, animal-free treat just for cats, the first of its kind in North America. The products are slated to launch in Q3 2023.

The second of the three, Indiana Pet Foods, is a cell-based dog food and treat brand made with high purity, tier-1 collagen, formulated for active and senior dogs. With cell-cultured collagen, Indiana Pet Foods can deliver wholesome, premium nutrition to dogs, with lower environmental impact.

And finally, Marina Cat is focused on the health benefits of ocean-derived ingredients that promote longevity and immunity. It's a modern treat for cats, exclusively using cell-based fish and marine ingredients, avoiding high-impact ocean harvesting, but extending all nine lives of our feline friends.

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