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Uruguayan Senator against synthetic meat

Uruguayan Senator against synthetic meat

June 1, 2023

Uruguayan Senator, Sebastián Da Silva, (National Party) will push for the banning of the manufacture and import of artificial or laboratory meat because “Uruguay, as a cattle-raising country, has to be a pioneer in the fight against this type of laboratory protein, artificial, and must defend the real natural food", according to an article published on MercoPress.

Da Silva also underlined that these “experimental” products “poison people” and “are not safe.” He also spoke of “several reports where foodstuffs that threaten health can appear”.

In addition, the lawmaker stressed that the activity of these laboratories producing this type of food “increases global warming”. Da Silva then insisted Uruguayan pasture production has a neutral carbon footprint and recalled similar bans already existed in the South American country, such as the one outlawing the supply of growth hormones to cattle.

Da Silva pointed out that his proposal will need to be discussed within the National Party and “negotiated” with the ruling Multicolor coalition to which it belongs.

Internationally, there is not much legislation on the subject. In March, the Italian government of Giorgia Meloni banned the production and sale of these foods, which, according to Health Minister, Orazio Schillaci, said was a decision “based on the precautionary principle” that “there is no scientific evidence” excluding “harmful effects related to the consumption of synthetic foods”.

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