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Brian Ruszczyk

Brian Ruszczyk

Co-Founder & CEO
Earth First Food Ventures

Mr. Ruszczyk has nearly 3 decades of experience advising some of the world's wealthiest families on asset allocation, portfolio and liability management, and various other strategic alternatives both for their corporations and families. Prior to co-founding Earth First Food Ventures, he ran Greece and Turkey for Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management and sat on the Deutsche Shipping Committee in Hamburg. Prior to Deutsche he ran the Latin American division for JP Morgan Suisse advising the region’s wealthiest families on wealth management, portfolio construction and capital markets. Today Brian continues to work with his global families focused on channelling capital toward food technologies and innovation in the fermentation, cultivated and plant-based proteins to make a difference in our existing food supply chain for a better environment and healthier consumer. He holds a BSc in International Relations from Dickinson College and a Masters in Economics and Latam Studies from John Hopkins SAIS. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and struggles with French.

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