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Chris Landowski

Chris Landowski

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Onego Bio

Chris Landowski is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Onego Bio, a company producing animal-free egg proteins with precision fermentation. Chris is a cellular agriculture trailblazer and the scientific mastermind behind the technology. The chosen method for producing egg white protein is based on harnessing the microflora Trichoderma reesei for protein production and Chris believes this technology is superior because of its efficiency and productivity. Prior to co-founding Onego Bio, Chris spent 15 years developing breakthrough precision fermentation platforms at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He has extensive experience in recombinant protein production and translating this knowledge to enable commercial scale production of animal-free proteins.

Speaker Agenda

Cracking the Code to Producing Egg Proteins with Precision Fermentation

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Precision fermentation can answer to the performance, affordability, and sustainability requirements of a sustainable food system – but only with the right technology. While there are also other...


The Future of Protein Production LIVE!

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11th - 12th October 2023 | Amsterdam
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