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Dalal AlGhawas

Dalal AlGhawas

Program Director
Big Idea Ventures Singapore

Dr. Dalal AlGhawas is the Program Director at Big Idea Ventures, a venture capital firm which invests in future food technologies in the alternative protein ecosystem. She helps to combine capital and partnership to support and grow the world’s most compelling food companies and protein alternatives. Specialised in food safety, biotechnology, diagnostics, clinical research and public health. Dalal has helped to establish the first food technology accelerator program in Hong Kong and has worked with over 50 global technology startups, with special focus on plant-based protein alternatives, cellular-agriculture, sustainability, smart kitchen equipment, med-tech and software. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Food Science and Food Biotechnology) from the University of Hong Kong with several publications in top tier peer reviewed journals, startup manuals and agri-food market reports.

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