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Eric Schulze

Eric Schulze

VP Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Upside Foods

Eric Schulze, PhD is a professional molecular biologist, genetic engineer, and former federal biotechnology regulator. He is currently Vice President of Product and Regulation at UPSIDE Foods, where he leads both design and development of the company’s meat products as well as its regulatory-, policy-, and government affairs. Dr. Schulze also serves in a company spokesperson capacity. He previously served as Senior Scientist for UPSIDE Foods where he led the cell line development efforts. Before that, he served as a U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulator, handling a portfolio of novel food and drug biotechnology products. As a civil servant, Dr. Schulze also served as a federal STEM education policy capacity within the National Science Foundation and currently works with the National Academy of Sciences on undergraduate STEM education transformation. He holds a doctorate in genetic, cellular, and molecular biology with a specialty in embryonic stem cell engineering and is trained in broadcast communication, speechwriting, and risk assessment.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Regulatory Considerations of Alternative Proteins Regarding Animal Welfare, Public Health, and Food Sustainability: A Global Analysis

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Eager to disturb and change our global food system for the better, alternative protein companies primarily communicate the benefits of their products based on three general claims – better for you...

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The Future of Protein Production Summit !

The World's Leading Event For Sustainable Protein Production

21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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