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Francisco Kuhar

Francisco Kuhar


Francisco is a passionate mycologist with experience in applications of fungal enzymes to biotechnological processes. After completing his PhD in fungal biotechnology at the University of Buenos Aires, he started to work in research and teaching as well as in diffusion and transfer to society of applied knowledge His doctoral dissertation contributed to this field with innovative methodologies and since then, he published scientific articles on production of enzymes, biomass and optimization of fermentative processes in recognized international journals. In the framework of different international collaboration projects granted by institutions as the Fulbright Foundation, he was supported with research stays abroad in universities as Harvard (USA), Ludwig Maximilians (Germany) and Florida (USA). He is actively involved in knowledge transfer to the society and the productive sector, trying to contribute with innovative solutions using fungi.

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Panel Discussion: Can fermentation make alt-meat meatier?

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The Future of Protein Production Summit !

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21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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