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Gil Shalev

Gil Shalev

Founder & CEO

Founder Gil Shalev, ag-tech and food-tech entrepreneur, is the visionary and driving force behind Equinom. He served as an executive at a Vilmorin & Cie subsidiary and co-founded a flower-breeding start-up. Gil earned his PhD in plant genetics from the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Agriculture, and has expertise in plant breeding and genomics. His earlier achievements include developing integrated sequencing technology for breeding and discovering new genes and gene combinations in numerous plants. Gil has positioned Equinom to be a trailblazer in non-GMO ingredients to revolutionize the global food industry.

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Naturally Unlocking the Power of the Pea

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As pea protein continues to be a highly sought out source in the plant-based category, Equinom is using proprietary technology to naturally and sustainably unlock its nutrient potential. Founder...

Plant-Based Proteins

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