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Jacob von Manteuffel

Jacob von Manteuffel

Oceanfruit and BettaF!sh

In 2018, Jacob set off to film a documentary about seaweed pioneers. It dawned on him quickly that seaweed hasn’t reached its full potential when it comes to our diets, although it could well be the answer to pressing sustainability concerns. Together with Co-founder Deniz Ficicioglu they are working to turn organic seaweed into a variety of vegan products to offer consumers more seaweed-based delicacies that are affordable and accessible to everyone in order to create a sustainable alternative to the fishing industry - therefore they founded Oceanfruit (2019) and BettaF!sh (2021).

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Presenting BettaF!sh and its seaweed based revolution for healthier oceans and a mouth-watering, plant-based future

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While the world poured its attention into meat alternatives, we asked ourselves who was looking after the seas and their inhabitants. Tuna is one of the most consumed fishes worldwide and has...

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The Future of Protein Production Summit !

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