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Nick Piggott

Nick Piggott

Nutrition Technologies

Nick is a co-founder and Co-CEO of Nutrition Technologies, an industrial-scale BSF manufacturer based in South East Asia. With a background in Life Sciences, Nick was exposed to the challenges of food security whilst working for the UN in West Africa, and the company has since developed insect-based feed-ingredients for the livestock and aquaculture industries to address this issue. Nick is the industry-side face of Nutrition Technologies, overseeing the product, regulatory, & client side of the business, ensuring that the organization maintains constant awareness of the competitive & regulatory landscape, market trends, technology developments and industry standards.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Spring boarding alternatives – how early adoption in petfood can drive commercialization

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More than a quarter of the environmental effects of animal agriculture is due to the pet food industry, hence cultivated meat holds the promise of satisfying pets while promoting environmental...


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11th - 12th October 2023 | Amsterdam
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