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Owen Ensor

Owen Ensor

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Originally from Edinburgh Owen started out consulting with Bain & Co in the UK and South Africa. He then joined Sanergy, a Nairobi-based start-up, creating a zero waste system by using insects as animal feed. He scaled their insect protein business creating pilot production, passing regulation, conducting initial sales, and raising funds for what is now East Africa’s largest waste processing facility. While working at Sanergy Owen became vegan and recognised rearing insects did not align with his values any more. Since leaving Sanergy Owen has worked in six different countries either starting companies or advising corporates. He has previously been funded by US VCs including Lightspeed Ventures and Pear VC, and has advised global food companies, governments and investors on their plant-based food strategies. Owen has been vegan for the last eight years and believes that moving away from animal agriculture we can create a more peaceful, healthier, sustainable world.

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The Future of Protein Production Summit !

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21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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