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Peter Yu

Peter Yu

Program Manager
APAC-Society for Cellular Agriculture

Peter Yu is the dedicated manager to the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture – an association and coalition of 10+ cultivated meat and seafood companies across the APAC region. Through the society, Peter works as a drive-force to both promote the industry as well as to encourage the establishment efficient and transparent regulations and policies. Peter is actively engaging towards creating a harmonized cultivated food industry, and have experience in driving various of industry moving projects across the globe. Peter holds an MBA and a MSc in Bioengineering while pursuing an LLM.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Global Harmonization for Cellular Agriculture Regulations

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Many countries are actively establishing regulatory approval pathways for cultured meat, with the USA potentially closest to following Singapore and Israel in allowing the human consumption of..


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11th - 12th October 2023 | Amsterdam
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