Sebastian Jeschko

CTO & Co-founder
Kern Tec

Sebastian Jeschko is Co-Founder and CTO at Kern Tec, an Austrian-based company upcycling a waste stream of the fruit industry to high quality ingredients for the plant based revolution. With an engineering & economics background he has worked in the manufacturing business in Europe and Asia as well as the renowned Incubator Brinc before co-founding Kern Tec. With his team, Sebastian has developed innovative technologies to transform cherry, apricot and plum pits (currently a waste product) to plant-based milk alternatives, spreads and award-winning speciality oils.

Speaker Agenda

Enabling up cycled ingredients for the food and beverage industry

07:10 PM
07:20 PM

Sebastian will explain to us how Kern Tec’s ultra hands-on approach of upcycling food waste streams to high-value sustainable ingredients works. Facing multiple challenges of turning waste to gold...

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