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Seronei Chelulei Cheison

Seronei Chelulei Cheison

Sinonin Food Innovations

A certified Full Professor of Food Biotechnology (German Habilitation). I am a passionate and experienced food enzymologist and protein innovation expert with over 7 years in academia at Associate Professor level (TU München) and 8.5 years in petfood industry (MARS Petcare) leading alternative proteins innovations and application in petfood as well as and palatant development. I founded Sinonin Biotech UG Ltd and my daily work is to help food and petfood businesses scout for sustainable proteins, test protein functionality for meat analogue application, develop enzyme hydrolysates and flavour solutions for both petfood and human food applications and work on a validation journey. I talk about #FoodEnzymology, #InsectProteins, #Mycoproteins, #Nucleotides, #Palatants and #MeatTechnology as well as #Extrusion. Follow me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/matelong/) and the business portal (WIP, https://www.SinoninBio.tech).

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Spring boarding alternatives – how early adoption in petfood can drive commercialization

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More than a quarter of the environmental effects of animal agriculture is due to the pet food industry, hence cultivated meat holds the promise of satisfying pets while promoting environmental...


The Future of Protein Production LIVE!

The World's Leading Event For Sustainable Protein Production

11th - 12th October 2023 | Amsterdam
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