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Shai Hayman

Shai Hayman

Executive Chef
redefine meat

Culinary Director for Redefine Meat, at the vanguard of its culinary vision across all current and future markets. For Chef Shai Hayman, food was always a vocation. He was raised on a Moshav (a cooperative agricultural community) in a farming family where, food was fuel – a necessity. Shai became responsible for cooking for the family. From that point forward, he taught himself how to cook. As a novice in the kitchen and autodidact, he learned to cook from books, skipping school to watch cooking shows. In 2011 Shai started his professional career in the kitchen at Raphael in Tel Aviv. Emigrating to the United States, he was in the kitchen at Manresa in Los Gatos California, after which he plied his trade under Chef Grant Achetz at The Aviary, part of the Alinea Group in Chicago. Returning to Israel in 2017, Chef Hayman worked as the first R&D Chef at OCD TLV. At the end of 2018 Shai was approached by Eshchar Ben Shitrit to join Redefine Meat (at the time known as Jet-Eat) as the culinary head of his Food Tech project. Today Shai is the Culinary Director of Redefine Meat, spearheading the company’s culinary ethos while presenting its vision to new markets around the world.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Lean, clean and green manufacturing concepts to reduce product costs and waste

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Unlocking the benefits of lean manufacturing for the alternative proteins industry

Supply chain & Infrastructure

The Future of Protein Production Summit !

The World's Leading Event For Sustainable Protein Production

21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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