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Susanne Wiegel

Susanne Wiegel

Head of Alternative Protein Program

Susanne is the Investment Manager for Alternative Proteins at Nutreco NuFrontiers, the strategic innovation and investment department of Nutreco, a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. The aim of NuFrontiers is to accelerate technological change to enable 'Feeding the Future' and to identify, develop and invest in next generation sustainable products, models and services throughout the feed and food protein value chain. Susanne dedicates her time to building an investment portfolio of alternative protein start-ups and scale-ups, and exploring business opportunities for Nutreco as cell feed supplier to the cultivated and fermentation-based protein industry. Prior to joining Nutreco, she worked as deputy head of business development at a leading European biopharmaceutical company and in strategy consulting with McKinsey&Co.

Speaker Agenda

Towards Cell Feed – how animal nutrition principles are vital to scale the cultivated protein industry

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07:10 PM
07:30 PM

Nutreco will discuss the key challenges regarding cost-effective basal media for cultivated protein production and how insights from animal nutrition principles can help solve the challenge...

Cellular Agriculture

The Future of Protein Production Summit !

The World's Leading Event For Sustainable Protein Production

21st - 23rd February 2023 | Online
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