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Vinayaka Srinivas

Vinayaka Srinivas

GAIA Foods

Dr. Vinayaka Srinivas is the Co-founder of Gaia Foods Pte Ltd, Singapore, South East Asia’s first cultivated red meat company producing meat using stem cell technology. Vin is a scientist by training and has over 10+ years of experience in stem and muscle cell research. He obtained his PhD in National University of Singapore and then went onto DUKE-NUS medical school to work on independent projects pertaining to muscle stem cell biology. In Gaia foods, he is actively involved in research and technology development and also responsible for technology design development to push the boundaries of cultivated meat. Under his stewardship Gaia Foods managed to achieve several milestones including raising pre-seed funding from Big Idea Ventures, showcased the cultured beef and also managed to become part of Shiok Meats to strengthen technology and Gaia Foods’ long-term success. He is considered one of the prominent thought leaders in the cultured meat space and his lab has been showcased in several important publications like CNA, Straits Times, Business times etc.

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Panel Discussion: Major challenges in creating whole cuts from novel sources?

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