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Association PROBION, i.e., Students’​ Association of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is a relatively young association, established in 2015 at this Faculty. However, its roots date back to 2006, when Association of Biotechnology Students Helix was founded. It had been successfully active for a few years, but after the generation shift at a certain point the activity of the Association gradually diminished, and in the end, it existed only formally, which was, of course, a big loss for students and eventually for the Faculty itself.

In time, students’ needs for a greater number of extra-curricular activities enabling development, exchange and practical application of expertise as well as quality positioning on the labour market grew stronger.

As a reaction to such an environment, a few students proposed to reactivate the Association Helix, which would this time function as a joint student association of all three study programmes of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. And so, the Association PROBION was established.

Even its abbreviated name is a symbol of cooperation and interdisciplinary action among students of all three undergraduate study programmes (Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition) and five graduate study programmes (Food Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, Food Safety Management and Nutrition).

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