2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

The field of alternative proteins is rapidly evolving, demanding analytical tools with exceptional precision. RIC-resolve will presents how advanced chromatographic techniques, such as HPLC and GC, can be instrumental in addressing complex challenges faced by researchers and developers in this space. This presentation will explore how chromatography can be used to decipher protein composition, so you will gain in-depth insights into the amino acid profile of novel protein sources, informing optimal formulation and nutritional value. It will explains how you can guarantee consumer safety, by utilizing meticulous analysis to identify and quantify potential allergens in alternative protein products. And you will learn how the company's solutions can help to optimize functionality and texture. By analyzing the components of these innovative foods, researchers will be able to fine-tune their texture and functionality. Through this exploration, the presentation will demonstrate how RIC-resolve's expertise in chromatography can partner with alternative protein developers to accelerate development, ensure product quality, and advance scientific understanding.

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam