2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

This panel discussion will focus on the critical issue of ensuring food safety in the burgeoning world of novel proteins. Our panel of experts will navigate the complex landscape of regulatory innovation, exploring both the challenges and opportunities it presents. The panelists will focus on the regulatory hurdles these new foods face. Getting approval as 'novel foods' often requires thorough safety assessments, which can be a lengthy and expensive process due to the lack of established protocols for these new sources and production methods. Traditional analytical methods used for conventional foods may not be sufficient for novel proteins. Despite the challenges, the discussion will also highlight the opportunities presented by regulatory innovation. Streamlined regulations, based on robust scientific data, can pave the way for safe and efficient commercialization of novel protein products. Collaboration between industry, regulators, and scientists will be crucial for developing these frameworks. The panelists will also offer insights into potential areas of focus, such as standardizing safety testing for novel proteins and establishing clear labeling guidelines for consumers.

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam