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About the Session

Cellular agriculture is experiencing a surge of innovation, driven by breakthroughs in several key areas. Researchers are developing robust cell lines, including exploring the potential of stem cells, and optimizing growth media that mimics the natural cellular environment for efficient growth and differentiation. Additionally, advancements are being made in manipulating cell signaling pathways to create desired cell types and complex tissue structures, replicating the texture and composition of real meat. The design of scalable bioreactors and bioprinting of 3D scaffolds that mimic muscle tissue architecture are crucial for large-scale production. Developing efficient perfusion systems using microfluidics ensures optimal nutrient delivery and waste removal for thriving cell cultures. Finally, research in downstream processing focuses on cost-effective harvesting, purification, and texturization techniques to transform cultured cells into finished meat products with desirable sensory characteristics. Overcoming technical challenges for large-scale production is paramount. Cost reduction strategies like optimizing processes, utilizing renewable resources, and developing efficient biomanufacturing techniques are being explored. Establishing clear and science-based regulatory frameworks for safety assessment and labeling, in collaboration with industry experts, is crucial for market acceptance. Additionally, public education and addressing consumer concerns about safety, taste, and environmental impact are essential for wider adoption. By tackling these scientific and technological hurdles, cellular agriculture is poised to become a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional meat production, offering a more ethical and environmentally friendly solution for the future of food.

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The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam