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FlavaPulse is processing yellow peas to produce native pea ingredients. We were born from the commitment to foster a better agri-food system through a carbon neutral approach, and strong ethical principles. We also have a strong commitment in innovative technologies and R&D. We responsibly source our peas and sustainably produce our protein concentrate, flour and fibre in the European Union. We build trusted partnerships with formulators of plant based ingredients and food manufacturers. We help them create natural, healthy, authentic foods. We aim at bringing together the potential of nature, people and technology, to provide innovative pea products to formulators and food & beverage brands. FlavaPulse partners with local farmers in Southeast Europe to ensure consistency of crop quality, traceability of the yellow peas and limited transportation. Their sustainable practices not only ensure quality of our peas, but they also foster a vibrant, productive, and profitable agriculture in the European Union. The booming demand for sustainable plant based ingredients is creating a number of challenges for the ingredient formulators and the food manufacturers. Environmental concerns due to climate change have created general public’s expectations towards more sustainability and ethics in their favourite food brands. Companies need to meet the consumers’ needs and values. We’re using innovative technologies that consume 40% less electricity versus standard technologies in the industry. Our facility is located in the heart of the main agricultural region in Bulgaria. The CO2 footprint of our products is therefore among the lowest available on the market. We build trusted partnerships with ingredient and food manufacturers. We supply them the best yellow pea products obtained by air classification. Our process is purely mechanical and therefore our pea protein concentrate, pea flour and hulls preserve their native functionalities and high nutritional quality. We use an innovative technology for de-hulling that results in a better control of purity and quality of the fractions versus the standard technologies in the dry processing industry. In the summer of 2023 we will launch an innovative ingredient with 65% protein, cleaner flavour profile and low microbial levels. This new product will allow food manufacturers to produce a wider range of clean label allergen free products using pea protein concentrate as a protein source. We have a strong commitment to R&D. We established a long term partnership with a leading R&D and technology service company in alternative proteins, IMPROVE (a subsidiary of the ITERG group). We rely on their skills and expertise to optimize the cleaning and de-hulling process, the milling and air classification process and finally the clean taste treatment. Together, we make sure that we extract the full potential of our yellow peas, maximizing the functionality, nutrition and taste of our products. What we get are ingredients that give you the competitive edge towards specific applications, nutritional benefits and target groups.


The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam