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Cai Linton


Cai Linton has an MEng in Molecular Bioengineering from Imperial College London and combines technical knowledge in tissue engineering & data science with management experience. His motivation to create a sustainable future using biotechnology led him to co-found Multus to shorten routes to market and lower entry barriers in the cultivated meat industry. Multus creates the key ingredients for the affordable scale-up of cellular agriculture. The company's growth media formulations and ingredients are the building blocks of cellular agriculture and enable the affordable at-scale production of real animal products, including meat, dairy, leather, and more, using cells instead of animals.

Speaker Agenda

Getting cultivated meat to market – how we need to re-think the growth media challenge to achieve affordable and profitable cultivated meat production at scale

Representing Multus, CEO, Cai Linton will explore the critical aspects of scaling up cell cultivation, whether it be for meat production or other markets. The success of this endeavor relies...

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October 12, 2023
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