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Emily Telford

City-Mix Product Specialist
3D Bio-tissues

Dr Emily Telford is a dynamic R&D Scientist at 3D Bio-Tissues responsible for the development of some of the company’s proprietary technologies. She has a BSc in Biomedical Research from Newcastle University and a PhD in Target Discovery in Prostate Cancer from Cardiff University, UK. Upon returning to Newcastle in 2020, first to work in a project supported by the Good Food Institute and subsequently as part of 3D Bio-Tissues, Emily quickly became one of the most prominent CellAg scientists in the industry. Her research was fundamental for the creation of City-Mix™, a range of chemically defined medium supplements capable of greatly boosting cell and tissue culture performance while reducing the levels of expensive growth factors required in media. Emily’s research also contributed to developing new and more efficient Tissue Templating methods to produce high yields of engineered tissues emulating the structure and composition of natural meat and skin. Together, City-Mix™ and Tissue Templating technologies have the potential to enable other Cultivated Meat and CellAg companies to reach price parity for their products.

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