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Fred van de Velde

Principal Scientist & Group Leader
NIZO food research

Fred van de Velde is group leader and principal scientist protein functionality at NIZO (Ede, the Netherlands). He has a PhD in biocatalysis from the Technical University of Delft and over 20 years of experience in food ingredients and proteins, including both dairy, plant and alternative proteins. His work field of protein functionality ranges from extraction and separation from different sources to application in food and feed products. This includes downstream processing, molecular characterisation, functionality and sensory properties as well as interaction with other ingredients in complex matrices, including dairy and meat alternatives. Fred his expertise’s are on the relationship between the molecular structure of food ingredients, their interactions, microstructure and texture on the one hand and product stability and sensory perception on the other hand. His has two major interest: expanding the use of plant protein by improving their functional properties and up-scaling and developing sustainable extraction processes for the food industry. To date, he has published more than 90 research articles and book chapters and he is (co)-inventor of 12 patent applications. Moreover, Fred is the chair of the biannual NIZO plant protein functionality conference.

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