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Ira van Eelen


Cofounder & CEO of KindEarth.Tech | CellBased Foodtech Board Member | Founder of ToothCamp | NextNatureNetwork Fellow |KindEarth.Tech (KET) Amsterdam, Netherlands Founder, organizer, designer and speaker With my legacy as daughter of The Godfather of CellAg “Willem van Eelen” and the largest network in this field, I support innovation through KindEarth.Tech and let you embrace the huge potential of this future foods industry …. that is here today. All routes, small, medium and large will play an important role in getting it to our plates for many to enjoy, therefore I find it important to take the role agriculture can play into account with RESPECTfarms. My passions for design, software system integration, preventive oral health care and educating teenagers are important elements in my lives journey.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Perfect partners: successful supply chain collaborations to accelerate alternative protein penetration

This panel discussion featuring industry experts who will share their experiences and insights on successful supply chain collaborations that have accelerated the penetration of alternative...

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October 12, 2023
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The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

Europe's Meeting Place For Alternative Protein Production Solutions

October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam