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Kianti Figler

Founder & CEO
Upstream Foods

Kianti is the CEO and founder of Upstream Foods. She is a tissue engineer by trade and has done research on using 3D-printing technology to create tissue for medical purposes at both Utrecht University and Harvard Medical School. She felt a strong need to contribute to a better world and started looking for that sustainable application of the tech she was already working on. That led her to the cultivated meat industry. She gathered a team around the mission to remove animals from our supply chains, starting with fish. Upstream Foods is developing a novel cultivated fat ingredient, to bring the authentic taste, creamy mouthfeel, and all the health benefits of traditional seafood, to plant-based seafood. Their ingredient enables plant-based seafood producers to create better products. With a small number of cultivated cells, we can have a big impact on the quality of the product: seafood without a catch.

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Startup Symposium

Hear from nine innovative young companies making their mark in the food-tech space. This session will showcase lightning pitches from each company, with each pitch lasting five minutes...

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October 11, 2023
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