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Nick Bradley

Protein Production Technology Magazine

Nick is the Editor of Protein Production Technology International, the international digital resource for the alt proteins industry. The alternative protein industry is dynamic, with ever-advancing technologies, decreasing cost curves, changing regulations and increasing consumer adoption, which should lead to substantial gains in market share for alternative protein over the coming decade. This magazine follows these trends, with a quarterly format designed to showcase the many developments in plant-based, fermentation-derived, cellular agriculture and other novel food technologies. Covering the entire value chain from source materials through raw material optimization to process optimization, this interactive industry resource investigates the design and engineering of innovations to help companies scale-up and capitalize on this still nascent meat substitute marketplace. ‍ The April/May 2023 edition will be published on 26 April 2023.

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Nick Bradley, Editor of Protein Production Technology International magazine, sets the stage for our fantastic two-day conference, The Future of Protein Production LIVE! with excitement and...

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October 11, 2023
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The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam