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Sheena Fraser

VP of Product Development
Roslin Technologies Ltd

Dr Sheena Fraser joined Roslin Technologies in November 2022 from South Africa, bringing with her 20+ years of experience in bioprocess innovation and product development across various life science and health-focused industries, including cultivated meat. Roslin Technologies, originally spun out from the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, home to Dolly the Sheep, is the leading B2B cell line provider to the cultivated meat industry. They specialise in the development and supply of multi-species infinitely renewing pluripotent stem cells which can differentiate into both fat and muscle cells which are the base ingredients for cultivated meat. Sheena leads the team focused on accelerating the delivery of quality-controlled cell lines, animal component free growth media, scalable protocols, and ongoing technical support enabling Roslin Technologies’ cell line customers to deliver high quality products to market faster and more efficiently.

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Panel Discussion: Transitioning from hybrid to full-tissue alternative protein products by 2030

For most consumers, the pleasure of eating real meat is currently simply too much to give up. Lacking compelling taste, texture and look, existing plant-based options haven’t solved that either...

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October 11, 2023
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