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Sònia Hurtado

Founder and CEO

Sònia Hurtado is the CEO and cofounder at Poseidona. She is a seasoned food scientist specialized in plant based protein products. Her extensive career spans across various prominent companies, where she has played a pivotal role in the development of plant-based analogs for meat, seafood, dairy, and egg products. Notably, she was co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Current Foods (formerly known as Kuleana), an innovative alternative seafood company located in the heart of San Francisco, which received backing from YCombinator. Now, at Poseidona, Sònia is spearheading a noble mission to take the concept of alternative proteins even further by harnessing the power of the ocean. Her vision is to provide sustainable, ocean-based alternative proteins as a means to safeguard and preserve our precious marine ecosystems.

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