About The Future of Protein Production Summit.

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About the Event

The Future of Protein Production Summit is the must attend virtual event for any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind and fair for the planet, people, and animals.

The senior executive-level conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this highly complex issue with world-leading experts and showcase a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact through abolishing animal cruelty, reducing global pollution and improving human health.

The insights shared will keep you up-to-date with the most recent solutions, technology, policy, and concepts across the food system to make alternative proteins accessible, affordable, and delicious as well as the best opportunities to meet key industries contributors.

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Our Mission

We are bringing together over 100 international speakers and over 1000 delegates to debate and discuss the latest business models, strategies, innovations, future regulations, technologies, and solutions involved in the commercialisation of sustainable protein production.

The virtual platform allows us to collaborate with contributors around the globe and network safely, sustainably and efficiently.

Advisory Board

Topics Discussed Include

  • Cell-Based Protein

  • Microbial Fermentation

  • Plant-Based Protein

  • Consumer Trends

  • Scafolding

  • Industry Overviews

  • Regulation

  • Technical Innovations

  • Production Cost

  • Alternative Dairy

  • Scalability

  • Industry Projects

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Growth Media

  • Investment

  • And More...

Why Attend the  Summit?

Discover latest
Industry Trends

> Hear over 100 expert presentations from companies already developing and adopting ground-breaking protein production technology

> Gain the latest research and trends to help develop sustainable production technologies

> Discover the next-generation of highly sustainable processes, technologies, and production solutions

>  Listen to leading policy makers on the next steps for the industry

Connect and network

> Expand your network by meeting with 1000+ senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe

> Create new opportunities leading to a stronger and more global network

> Meet with and attract the innovators driving the industry forward

> Meet the companies behind the latest innovations helping to create and commercialise environmentally friendly proteins from a variety of sources

Grow and Promote your Business

> Showcase your technology or services to help the industry move forward and accelerate the new agrarian revolution

> Expand your professional horizon by meeting with leading experts

> Equip yourself with ideas and knowledge that adds value to you, your team, and your organization

> Establish yourself as a key part of the industry

Who Attends?

Industries in Attendance Include

  • Cell-Based Meat

  • Meat

  • Associations

  • Cell Culture

  • Dairy

  • Food Service

  • Cell-Based Seafood

  • Food Brands

  • NGOs

  • Growth Media

  • Research Institutions

  • Food Retailers

  • Equipment Providers

  • Alternative Dairy

  • Regulatory Bodies

  • Academia

  • Bioreactor Providers

  • And More...

  • Alternative Protein Brands

  • Investors

  • Scaffolding Developers

  • Consultants

What They Say About FPP

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is The Future of Protein Production for Beginners or Experts?

Everyone is welcome at the conference. We include participants from a wide range of industries and technical backgrounds so there will be plenty available for everyone.

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Are There Discounts Available for Students?

We are able to offer reduced rates for academia, non-profits and NGOs. Full details can be found on our tickets page here.

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How will I be able to network at a virtual conference?

We use industry leading event software to deliver an immersive experience with all the value of an in-person event. Our technology provider uses AI to matchmake you with the most relevant attendees as well as giving you the capacity to schedule meetings with any delegates.

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Are the presentations Recorded or Live?

The vast majority of our presentations are streamed live and the speakers will answer questions over video at the end of the presentation. As it is a global conference, in the rare circumstance that a speaker will not be able to present live a pre-recorded presentation will be shown but the speaker will be available for questions afterwards.

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Can I access the sessions on-demand?

If you are not able to join the live session, once the presentation has aired you will be able to access a recording of the presentation on our platform for 30 days after the show.

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What is the Refund Policy?

We offer a 14 days “no-questions asked” refund on all passes.

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Do you have any more questions?

If so, please contact us on fpp@future-proofgroup.com