Convince Your Team

sustainable food conference with crowd seated looking at a speaker

Be prepared

Make sure your request is clear, and have answers ready for questions you expect to be asked.

Pick the right time

Pick the right time

Be enthusiastic!

Show that you're eager and willing to check for information you're unable to give on the spot.

FPP Amsterdam will equip you with the tools and expertise you need to:

• Solve your business-critical challenges in professionally facilitated co-creation workshops

• Keep up to date on latest trends, policy updates and breakthrough innovations across the world of ESG

• Take part in audience-led, output-focused panel discussions with influential business and climate thought-leaders, designed to help you shape and execute your sustainability strategy

• Connect with hundreds of like-minded peers through facilitated (speed) networking

• Enhance your professional development through CPD accreditation. The FPP LIVE! sessions you take part in have been given the official stamp of approval to develop your personal skills and proficiency in your career as an industry leader

Find solutions to specific challenges

Make a list of companies that can help you with information, advice or that have products that will solve issues your company struggles with.

Networking opportunities

The worlds top experts will give presentations and advice on subjects in your field. You will have the opportunity interreact and come back with ready-to-use tips and tricks.

Research entire market in two days

Travelling to meet clients or partners costs a lot of time and money. With this biennial investment, you will see all the latest innovations and products and meet with market leaders, under one roof.

Join free workshops and webinars

You will learn from real success stories, and save your company time and money by not having to learn these things by figuring this out yourself or hiring experts.

Need clearance to attend FPP Amsterdam?

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Have your schedule ready

• Check our website to find out about the program and what events will benefit your work and your company by attending them.
• Make a list of products and innovations you will see
• Make a list of exhibiting companies to visit
• Schedule meetings with the event app
• Make a list of the presentations, seminars and workshops you will attend

Know about the costs & benefits

• Write down the estimated costs.
• Do research to make sure your estimate is not too high, and not too low.
Things to keep in mind are:
Registration fee
Visa (only if necessary)
travel to Amsterdam
Public transport in Amsterdam
✅Meals during your stay

Present your findings

✅Make notes during presentations
Take pictures & videos
✅Have  quotations made & pick up leaflets
✅Use social media to inform your target audience
✅Schedule follow ups with interesting companies
✅Download the presentation PDFs
✅Present your findings during a staff meeting
✅Implement ready-to-use strategies


The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

Europe's Meeting Place For Commercializing Alternative Proteins

October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam