2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

The landscape of alternative proteins is undergoing a rapid transformation. Driven by advancements in technology, evolving policies, and changing consumer preferences, this sector is poised for significant change. This insightful presentation will explore the key trends that will shape the future of alternative proteins. Governments recognize the potential of alternative proteins to provide sustainable choices and reduce pressure on natural resources. Expect an escalation in policy initiatives that support the industry's growth. Established startups are solidifying their positions, with rigorous testing de-risking their technologies. While initial excitement around valuations might lessen, strategic investments will ensure stable growth, so should we anticipate an increase in global product approvals, leading to a wider variety of safe and accessible cultivated meat options? Cost reduction and improved efficiency will further enhance the sustainability of this segment. Join us as we delve deeper into these trends and explore their implications for the future of alternative proteins.

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The Future of Protein Production Amsterdam!

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October 23 - 24 2024 | RAI Amsterdam
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