2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Floor Buitelaar, an expert from Bright Green Partners BV, will guide you through a step-by-step process for selecting the right ingredients for your plant-based or fermentation-derived product. She will provide a comprehensive guideline covering all aspects of ingredient selection in new product development (NPD), from understanding your product to scouting, testing, formulation, and leveraging your ingredients while bringing your product to market.

You will discover the key considerations and best practices in ingredient selection as Floor dives into the intricacies of NPD. Explore how partnerships can unlock new opportunities in this rapidly evolving market, and gain a clear understanding of the distinctions between NPD and reformulation throughout the entire process.

In addition, this presentation will delve into the nuances of selecting bulk versus functional ingredients, providing valuable insights on how ingredient choices can impact the final product's performance and functionality.

Whether you are a product developer, researcher, or industry professional, this session offers a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the ingredient selection process for plant-based and fermentation-derived products. Gain valuable knowledge and strategies to optimize your NPD efforts, maximize market success, and drive innovation in the fast-growing alternative food sector.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Floor expertise and gain practical insights into ingredient selection, formulation, and the importance of partnerships in creating successful and impactful plant-based and fermentation-derived products.

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