2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Karim Kurmaly from DSM will explore the rising global interest in utilizing microbial biomass as a sustainable food source. With the global population on the rise and the potential for a shortage of plant and animal proteins, the use of single-cell proteins (SCPs) is gaining momentum as a viable solution.

SCPs, derived from microorganisms such as algae, fungi, yeast, and bacteria, offer the potential to supplement or fully replace traditional plant and animal proteins in human and animal diets. These proteins can be produced at an industrial scale using biotechnology and can utilize inexpensive feedstocks and by-product wastes, including gaseous substrates like carbon dioxide and methane, as sources of carbon and energy for growth.

Not only do SCPs offer high nutritive value, with elevated levels of protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, and lipids, but they also have minimal environmental impact. By harnessing renewable energy sources and sustainable feedstocks, SCPs reduce the need for land, water, and other finite resources. This makes them a promising alternative to traditional protein sources like meat, dairy, and soy, which may struggle to meet the long-term sustainability requirements of a growing population.

During the session, Karim will present the results of initial nutritional trials of SCPs and highlight their potential for scaling up production. By attending this session, you will discover how SCPs can help meet the increasing demand for protein while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring a sustainable food future.

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