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Shojinmeat Project

Shojinmeat Project is a citizen science movement of people generally interested in cellular agriculture and biofacturing.

It does not have a formal definition of membership and anyone can just join to do anything related to cellular agriculture from DIY cell culture at home to holding academic conferences.

Shojinmeat Project has educated and sent many young talents intodecision-making scenes in government and businesses. It also spins off neworganizations - so far IntegriCulture Inc. and Cellular Agriculture Instituteof the Commons (CAIC), Aquaty Cell (seafood cell provider) and probably more tocome in the future.

Some of the track records include:
Conversations with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), that culminatedto $20M JST-Mirai project (2018~) that funds academia-industry collaboration todevelop 1cm thick steak from microalgae hydrolysate basal medium
Discussions with “Team414”, a group of young officials at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), resulting in launch of Food Tech Study Group, which evolved into the main rulemaking body for food tech industry in Japan.
Establishment JACA (Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture), run by Tama University Center for Rulemaking Strategies and Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons

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