2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Jaclyn Simons from Donaldson will examine the critical issue of unwanted contaminations in liquid, air, gas, or steam fed to a bioreactor during fermentation or cultivation processes. These contaminations can have detrimental effects, leading to the loss of valuable products and requiring manufacturers to discard significant amounts of their production.

Drawing on Donaldson's extensive expertise in contamination removal, this presentation will delve into the best practices for achieving a sterile fermentation process. Participants will gain insights into process filtration basics and explore novel separation technologies specifically designed for proteins. Through a compelling case study on fermentation liquid media filtration, attendees will understand real-world applications of these filtration techniques.

Moreover, the session will delve into a comparison and trade-offs analysis of common sterile processing solutions, helping participants make informed decisions regarding their specific manufacturing needs. Additionally, the presentation will address current regulatory standards within the food manufacturing industry and discuss how these standards will be enforced for new food manufacturers in the future.

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