2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Join Robert E. Jones from Cellular Agriculture Europe as he presents a thought-provoking session on the integration of new foods into the agricultural landscape. This captivating presentation will explore the transition from coexistence to complementarity, highlighting the potential for traditional and emerging food production systems to collaborate and thrive side by side.

As our global population continues to grow, the challenges of feeding a burgeoning society while minimizing environmental impact become increasingly complex. The emergence of new food technologies, such as cellular agriculture, fermentation-derived proteins, and plant-based alternatives offers promising solutions. Robert will delve into the strategies and possibilities for integrating these innovative approaches with traditional agriculture to create a harmonious and sustainable future.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the concept of complementarity, where traditional and new food production methods can work together synergistically. Robert will discuss the benefits and opportunities that arise from such collaborations, including increased efficiency, reduced resource consumption, and enhanced food security.

Furthermore, this presentation will explore the potential economic and environmental implications of embracing complementarity in the agricultural landscape. Robert will share real-world examples of successful integration, highlighting the positive outcomes for farmers, consumers, and the planet.

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