2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

This presentation from Duynie Group, in collaboration with Griffith Foods, will touch on circular agrifood systems and the transformative potential of upcycled ingredients.

In a world grappling with  environmental challenges and food waste, the need for innovative solutions that reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote sustainable practices is more critical than ever. Duynie Group has embraced this challenge head-on and developed pioneering methods to transform food waste and by-products into valuable ingredients for the agrifood industry.

During this presentation, Duynie Group will showcase their revolutionary upcycling processes, which involve repurposing and transforming previously discarded or undervalued ingredients into high-quality products.

Together with their partner, Griffith Foods, they will highlight a case study on how brewers’ spent grain is redirected from animal feed and pet food to ingredients for human consumption. These upcycled products not only reduce waste but also offer functional and nutritional benefits while addressing the challenges of resource scarcity and environmental degradation.

By attending this presentation, you will witness first-hand how Duynie Group & Griffith Foods are actively contributing to a circular economy and are promoting a more sustainable future by harnessing the power of circularity to benefit both people and the planet.

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