2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Representing Multus, Cai Linton will explore the critical aspects of scaling up cell cultivation, whether it be for meat production or other markets. The success of this endeavor relies heavily on selecting the right combination of affordable and scalable feedstocks that can stimulate complex cellular behavior, while also meeting regulatory requirements and eliminating critical dependencies.

In order to improve unit economics and enhance the functional properties of cells within these constraints, it becomes necessary to test thousands of different growth media ingredients and formulations. However, traditional methods like Design of Experiments (DoE) quickly become impractical due to the scale of experimentation required.

In this session, Cai will shed light on how Multus is addressing the challenge of media optimization through innovative ingredient discovery and intelligent formulation design. Multus aims to rapidly capture and interpret high-quality data to define an efficient strategy for navigating the vast solution space. Their approach takes into account the need for affordable and food-safe manufacturing at scale.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into Multus' cutting-edge solutions for scaling up cell cultivation and optimizing growth media. Learn how their novel approaches to ingredient discovery and formulation design are revolutionizing the field, and discover how their methods can contribute to the successful production of cultured meat and other applications.

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