2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Join us for an engaging session that explores the concept of hybrid foods as a solution to the sustainability and accessibility challenges faced by the current state of animal farming. Despite growing awareness of the unsustainability of animal-originated foods, our consumption patterns have not significantly changed. While plant proteins have made progress, they still struggle to replicate the texture, structure, and sensory experience offered by animal-based counterparts.

One promising alternative lies in cellular agriculture, which utilizes microorganisms or cells as factories. However, this approach has not yet reached a scale that can cater to mainstream consumption, and production costs remain high, limiting accessibility.

Enter hybrid foods, an innovative solution that combines plant proteins with cellular agriculture and/or precision fermentation techniques. By blending the strengths of these approaches, we can create products that not only mimic the functionality and sensory appeal of animal-based foods but also address affordability concerns associated with cellular agriculture.

In this session, we will delve into the potential of hybrid foods to strike a balance between sustainable production, sensory satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. This interdisciplinary approach opens new possibilities for creating a food system that is environmentally friendly and capable of meeting global demand for nutritious and satisfying alternatives to traditional animal farming.

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