2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

In this engaging panel discussion, we will explore the immense potential of Europe to become a global leader in the field of complementary proteins. This session brings together a distinguished panel of experts who will share their insights, experiences, and strategies to maximize Europe's position in the burgeoning market of complementary proteins. Our esteemed panelists, Hermes Sanctorum from Paleo, John-Felipe Murphy from the Alternative Proteins Association, Justyna Palasinska from Pen & Tec Consulting and Robert E. Jones from Mosa Meat, will delve into the unique strengths and advantages that Europe possesses in the realm of complementary proteins. They will explore topics such as sustainable sourcing, innovative production methods, market opportunities, consumer preferences, and global competitiveness. What more should innovators, policymakers, academics, scientists and investors do to further to accelerate the protein transition? Is the regulatory stringency stifling innovation and forcing some companies to focus on regions elsewhere? Could Europe be at risk of being left behind?

Moderated by Randy Jagt from Deloitte, this panel discussion will offer a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering collaboration, and inspiring new approaches to harness Europe's potential as a global leader in complementary proteins. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the strategies, policies, and initiatives required to unlock Europe's full potential in this exciting and transformative field.

This panel discussion is a must-attend for entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, investors, and industry stakeholders who are passionate about shaping the future of complementary proteins. Join us as we explore how Europe can maximize its resources, expertise, and innovation to solidify its position as a global leader in this rapidly expanding market and contribute to a more sustainable and nutritious food system.

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